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Auction Trak holds a LOT of information for your auction. Most auctions will need many volunteers to get the job done! How do you get more help without the individuals messing up your data? Auction Trak allows multiple users with varying levels of permissions to the database.

Find the User Accounts under the Setup/Options menu.



If this is your first aucition, you will just see the initial administrator listed. Click on the Add User link.


Here you will enter the first and last name of the user. You will then give them a User Name and Password for their log in. You can add their email if they are an administrator and you wish for them to get email notifications when there are actions needed for Auction Trak.

Once users are in Auction Trak and they have done work, they will be attached to donors and you may not want to delete them. You can however make them inactive by unchecking the 'Active' box.

Under User Level you will have 2 options - Worker or Administrator.

When you choose Worker, you will see the options and can check those needed for each worker.


Solicitation will give access to the Donor and Item menus of Auction Trak. When checked, you can also select the solicitation team on this screen as well. By choosing a team, this will only allow that user to see those items that are attached to that particular team. This keeps users out of other donors that they don't need to see.

The other 4 options coincide with the menus on Auction Trak. This means that if you select them they will have permission for each area of Auction Trak that you select. You may have an administrative person that will help with registrations and also reports for the auction. In this case, you would select People/Attendees AND Before Auction. The Online Auction menu item is found under During Auction.

Here is what you will see when you choose Administrator under User Level:


Auction Trak defaults to all email notifications. You may not want to fill up your inbox and only choose to be notified of Items Approved/Rejected. Don't forget to include the users email or they will not get these notifications.

Once you have the user set up the way you want, click the Add button. You will then be taken back to the User Accounts list.


The new user will be listed along with the permissions you gave them. You can always Update the user by clicking the Update link or Delete the user by clicking the Delete link.

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