Some donors wish to remain anonymous, yet still need to be tracked for receipts and thank yous. The Utilities section of Auction Trak can help with that.

1. You will find Utilities under the Setup / Options menu of Auction Trak.

If a donor wishes to remain anonymous or wants the price of the item to not be listed, here is where you can manage what that will say in any of the public reports within Auction Trak. Be sure to click the Update button to save the changes. Auction Trak will default to Anonymous for the donor or Priceless for the value of an item if that is checked on the item entry screen below.

The above item will have Priceless listed as the value on any public reports (things bidders would see like bid sheets) and the website listing. This item will have the donor listed because the Anonymous Donor box is not checked.

View Adding Items Into Auction Trak for Item entry information.

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