Creating Solicitation Teams

Keeping your solicitors organized according to your auction categories will help to keep your auction organized.


Start by going to the Setup/Auctions menu and choose Solicitation Teams.

If this is your first auction with Auction Trak, you will just see the Add Solicitation Team link. Once you add a team, it will be listed here and you can make changes to it by going to the Update link.


1. Choose Add Solicitation Team and you will get this screen.

Enter the team name. The Is Active box should be checked if you intend to use this team. Sometimes, over multiple auctions you may find a team to not be used. Then you would want to uncheck the Is Active box so that it can no longer be used or visible to your solicitors. Click Add when you are finished.


2. Your newly created Solicitation Team will show on your list.

In this case the team was called Test. On the list the ‘Yes’ indicates that it is an active category. You can choose the Update link to correct spelling or make any changes to the name or change the active status. If the team has never been used, you will have the Delete link showing and can delete it. Once you attach the Team to a solicitor, you will not be able to delete it for reporting purposes. In this case, you can go in and make the team inactive.

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