Blog: Adding Posts

A blog can be a powerful tool to engage your audience, but to use the blog tool, posts need to be added.

To read about setting up your blog, read Blog: Getting Started.

Here's how you can add a blog post:

  1. In Site Manager, click on the Tool Menu to the upper right of the blog tool.
  2. Choose "Add New Post".
  3. This will take you to the page where you can fill out the post properties and enter your post content.
    • Author: If you entered a default author into the blog properties, this field will be automatically filled in; however, you can still edit the name. If you do not have a default author, you will need to edit a name here.
    • Post Title: Enter a title for your blog post in this field.
    • SEO-Friendly URL: You can enter an optional URL for your blog post here. However, we recommend leaving this field blank if you are uncertain and an SEO-Friendly URL will automatically be generated.
    • Category: If you have set up categories for your blog, you will have a drop down menu here to select your blog category.
    • Post Date: This field will auto-fill with today's date, but you can adjust the date as needed.
    • Is Active: Select if you would like this blog post to be Active or Inactive. Choose "Active" when you are ready to publish it, as it will post to your website and be shared on social media if you have that set up in the blog properties. If the blog post is still a draft, select "Inactive".
    • Schedule a Status Change: If you would like your blog post to be automatically public or removed from your live website at a certain time, click this button to schedule a status change. This will give you a small box where you can enter the date that you would like it to change, the status that you would like it to be changed to and any email address you would like notified of the change.
    • Tags: Tags are a way to link similar blog posts by important keywords. For example, on a blog post about your girls' volleyball team, you may want to include tags such as "athletics", "girls_volleyball", etc.
    • Post: Enter your full blog post here. You can add images using the image button and all other formatting with the various buttons in the editor.
  4. When you are done with your blog post, click "Submit". Remember that you can save it as a draft by making the Status Inactive, but if the status is Active, it will automatically be shared on your website and any social media feeds if you have those set up.


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