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If you haven't already setup your social accounts, you'll want to start with that first. Click here for more info on getting started. Note that as of Fall 2014, Social Stream Database is currently available for both Facebook and Twitter. We are evaluating different social media options for additional integration. If your organization uses a type of social media that you would like to see us to include, please let us know. 

Connecting Tools to Automatically Post to Social Accounts

Social Stream can be setup to automatically post to your social media stream (Facebook, Twitter). You can connect certain tools or the calendar admin add events to automatically post content to your designated social accounts. Connect using:

  • Resource / Content List
  • Blog
  • Calendar Admin


Resource/Content List

How to Connect the Resource/Content List:

  1. If you have not already added your Resource/Content list tool, select it from the Select a Tool to Add drop down.
  2. Click on the Tool Menu to the upper right of the tool and select Update Properties
  3. Check the box or boxes of the Social Media Feed that you want to add.
  4. Click Update at the bottom.

Now you're all set to start adding items to your Resource/Content List and sharing them on your Social Media Feed. 

Sharing an item on your Social Media Feed (Resource/Content list)

After setting up your Resource/Content list tool to share on your Social Media feed, sharing the items is simple. All you need to do is add a new active item to your Resource/Content list. Once you turn on the Social Media feed settings, the default status of an added item is "inactive". This is to prevent new items from sharing on your Social Media feed before you are ready.  You will find the status towards the bottom of the Add New Item page. 

When you are ready to change the status of your item to active, and click Add or Update at the bottom to make the change.



How to Connect the Blog Tool

  1. If you have not already added a blog tool, choose it from the  Select a Tool to Add drop down. Otherwise, go into Update Properties under Tool Menu
  2. This will take you to the blog properties page. Click the Social Stream tab. 
  3. Check the box of any social accounts that you want to attach to the blog tool and click Save
  4. The social feeds are now attach to your blog tool! 

How to Share Your Blog Posts on your Social Feed

Blog Post will be automatically shared on your connected feeds once the posts are active. However, similar to new items in the Resource/Content list, new items are automatically defaulted to "inactive" when a Social Media feed is connected. To share a new blog post on your Social Media feed, change the Status radio button to Active and click Submit at the bottom. 


Calendar Admin

How to Share a Calendar Event

You can share either an existing event or a new event. To add a new event, you can click on the date of your event to get starting adding it. If it is an existing event, click on the event name to edit the event. 

  1. When you are into the event and have added/updated the necessary event fields, click on the Social Stream tab. 
  2. Check the social accounts where you would like to share this event. 
  3. If you want to post the event immediately to the Social Stream, check Immediate One-time.
  4. If you would like to include a link in your post, enter the link here. You may wish to include a link to your calendar, as no link is included otherwise.
  5. To schedule additional posting or reoccurring posts, click on Schedule Post Date. This will open up the post scheduling window. 
    • One Time Event: If you only want to share this event once, select this radio button and enter the date when you would like to share the event.
    • Recurring Event: If you want to share the event multiple time, select this radio button and select when you would like it to be posted.
    • Notify Email Addresses: If you want any emails to be notified that the event was shared on Social Media, enter those email addresses here. 
    • Click "Close".
  6. Once you are done filling out the information about you event, click Submit New Event or Update Event at the bottom.
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