Slide Show: caption changes for existing slide show tools

With the updated slide show (effective May 2014), slides that have long text (more than 150 characters), and/or use any HTML (hyperlinks, formatted text, etc.) will no longer work in the slide show. This change is due to newer devices and platforms requiring a simpler caption and striping any HTML. We've updated Site Manager's tool to reflect these changes in technology and to ensure cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.

We've built in an automatic converter for captions, so no immediate action may be required on your part. However, we would recommend that you review all the slides where you have captions in place, as there may be captions cut-off or not fitting well.

To help you make changes and update your slides, old caption content has been moved to a temporary field within the Edit Slide screen. See screenshot below:



Note the "Old Caption" location in the example above. You are able to then adjust and update your captions, copying and pasting from your old caption content if desired.


  1. Your captions WILL automatically convert and display the stripped HTML content. If your caption is over 150 characters, the caption will not display well and may be cut off on a mobile site and/or some slide show configurations. Therefore, it may be that no action on your part is required. 
  2. Once content is entered in the Caption field (above the "Old Caption" field), that text takes precedence and the old caption content will no longer show. Remember to always click Update to save your changes while editing slides.
  3. As soon as you click "Delete Old Caption", the content will be gone. You will no longer see that entire "Old Caption" section on your screen for that slide.
  4. This must be done per slide.
  5. New slides and/or slides with no captions present will not have the "Old Caption" field showing. This section is unique only to allow customers time to update their existing captions.

Learn more about the upgraded slide show features here >>>

If you have questions or concerns, contact support by starting a new ticket or email

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