NEW! Food Menu

We are rolling out another new module, or feature set, for all website customers called Food Menu. 

This is a database tool module specifically geared for Christian schools, camps, daycares, care centers, and other ministries and organizations that regularly offer a meal plan. Whether you need to communicate a full school year's worth of breakfast and lunch menu options, or just a summer's worth of day camp lunch offerings, the Food Menu is the perfect tool for communicating these offerings online. One very important feature about the Food Menu is that it offers your users a printable view of the menu calendar.

The Food Menu works very much like our Calendar Admin. You'll build the menu items / dates in the Food Menu, located under Database Tools in Site Manager. Then you will add the menu to any web page on your site. You can choose to have one tool with all your different categories, or build a new tool or separate page for different types of categories (example: one page for High School and one page for Middle School, or one tool at the top of the page for breakfast and another tool below for lunch, etc.).

We will be building support help articles, but if you have any questions right away, just email us at

NOTE: Food Menu has its own permissions, so the very first step is to turn your permissions on for the admin users who need access. Once the permissions are turned on, you'll see Food Menu in the Tool Database drop down menu.

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