Coming Soon! Brand new event screen for the calendar

Coming this month (April 2014), the calendar Add Event / Edit Event screens will be getting a big make-over! 

The new add / edit event will feature a simplified and streamlined arrangement of fields. Tabs now will organize optional such as adding location or facility to an event, keeping the main, default screen fields limited to the most commonly used and required fields.

Also improved is the recurrence - which will feature brand new settings! And look for easy to use time increments (or you can just type in the start and end times now too!). 

Added bonus. We are so excited to announce that the events can now be attached to your Social Stream Database, allowing you to automatically push out a text version of the event - either immediately or at a set scheduled time! 

Not to worry - the favorite items such as RSVP, locations and more are all still there.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the new screens you'll see:



 We hope you'll love the new and improved look and functionality. Stay tuned for the exact release date.


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    Samantha Wetenkamp

    Why did the time intervals for the Begin and End Times change to only 30-minutes? We often have events that start at 15-minutes or 45-minutes after the hour and now have no way of indicating this. Parents will complain if the times we list in the calendar are not accurate.

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    Molly Parker

    Hi, Samantha, the drop down menu only shows 30 minute intervals, but you can still enter any time that you would like by typing it right in the box. 

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