Coming Soon! Members Database Updates

We will be releasing a good amount of enhancements and updates/bug fixes for the Members Database in Site Manager (CMS). More details will be provided at the time of release, but here is a run-down of what you can anticipate.

  1. NEW: The ability to customize all the Opt-In and Edit Profiles screens! This has been a much requested enhancement that we are happy to deliver. It provides editor tools to replace the default text for each of these access/password screens.
  2. NEW: The ability to enable the member email address to be used as the username. This will be a database setting.
  3. NEW: added the field "organization", which is an optional field.
  4. UPDATE/FIX: Separated Spouse Name fields to First Name and Last Name. All current content defaults to the First Name field. No action is required to update the fields, you can leave the name content as is if desired.
  5. UPDATE/FIX: Remove the requirement of the Member Name field. No changes will be made to the content in the field; going forward, the field will not be required to be populated.
  6. NEW/UPDATE: Search screen display results is much improved, including the ability to filter in/out the address, phone number and/or child.
  7. NEW: Search has been expanded to include results from spouse and child name fields (child display fields must be "on" to show in results).

Stay tuned for more, and subscribe to the Site Manager Updates & Release forum to receive emails when updates are made available in the system.

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    Andy Wojdula

    Can hardly wait for these others I'm sure they will be great!!

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