2013 During Auction Enhancements

2013 During Auction Enhancements (6:26 min)

This video explains the 2013 updates to the During Auction menu. These updates include: 

  • Ability to display an Items Presentation during your live auction.
  • On the statements, organizations can now turn off the Fair Market Value and Potential Tax Deduction items on all statements.
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    Bob Zook

    Really appreciate the Item Presentation!!!  Thank you very much!  We plan to use it during next weekend's auction.  


    One question -- We are wondering if there would be a way that, when we click on Find Specific item that the dialogue box does not come up on the projector but rather on the monitor so that the audience does not see the dialogue box?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Thanks Bob! This question has been answered in Support  to you directly, but no, there is not a way to do that.

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