What if an attendee wants to give a cash donation at check out?

Often auction attendees will come to the checkout line to pay for their items and then want to round up to an even dollar amount as an extra donation or some attendees may not purchase anything but still would like to contribute. This is easily handled in Auction Trak.


1. Under the During Auction menu, choose Review and Print Statements. You will then enter in the bidder number of the person that is checking out. Here is the screen you will then see.


We will be dealing with the Add Cash Donation section that is highlighted with red.


There are 2 ways they can add cash to their payment.


2. In our example, Yolanda’s total purchase totals $120. She would like to make a total payment of $200. In this case, you would want to click on the ‘Choose Total Payment’ option.

When you enter the total payment of $200 for Yolanda, Auction Trak will calculate the cash donation she is making. Then click the submit button to add this to the statement screen.

Here you see that the $80 calculated donation value is listed. You can always delete this line item by clicking on the red ‘X’.


3. Yolanda may decide that she would like to give an extra $50 instead. In that case, you would choose the ‘Choose Added Cash Amount’ option.

Once you enter the $50 it will calculate the total for you. Again, click the submit button to see the cash donation listed on the statement.


It will calculate your new total with the cash donation added.


4. The case of an attendee not winning any bids, but wants to donate cash at the end of the night is similar to the Choose Total Payment option. You would choose the bidder number for the person checking out.


See under the name that it says No items found. So they had no winning bids, but are choosing to donate $300 to the auction. You would choose ‘Choose Total Payment’ option and continue as in step 2 above.


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