Sending Thank Yous and Receipts

The auction was a success and it was all due to the wonderful donors that participated in your event. Here is an easy way to print out their thank yous and receipts.


Find the After Auction tab and choose Thank You / Receipts.

Thank You _ receipts.JPG

Here you may enter in a Donor Name to send to a specific donor, or choose one, two, or all the stores and hit the Search button.

Thank you search.JPG

I chose Ed’s Electronics and found 12 donors attached. As you can see, all the donors are selected. You may continue and use all 12 or you can be selective and choose only 1 or a few. Once you have decide which donors you will be printing letters for, you have 2 options.

1. View / Print Thank You / Receipts: When you click this button your letters will appear and you can preview them and print them. Please see Editing Thank Yous / Receipts for help with editing the letter.

2. Labels: When you click this button your mailing labels will appear and can be printed. The labels are set to be printed on Avery 5160 type labels.

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