Editing Thank Yous / Receipts

You will need to add some content to your Thank You / Receipts before you print them. You can add your logo and choose what details to include. You may want to add a signature image if you are printing hundreds of letters so someone doesn’t have to sign them all!


Once you are in the Thank You / Receipts section you will see the link to edit them.


Once you select that link it will open a new window with a content editor.


Thank you editor.JPG


This editor is similar to all other editors. It has most of the tools you normally use. When you hover over the icons, you will see what their use is.


If you want to add the Donor’s address you would need to find it at the top and then copy that content into the editor. This will pull all information needed like a mail merge.


If you want to add an image, it needs to be in the image gallery before you can use it.


Above the editor is a link called ‘Open Image Library in a separate window’. When you choose that you will see this:


Image library.JPG


If this is your first image, you will just have the Add Image link. Click on the Add Image link.


Add image.JPG

Choose the file from your computer and you have the choice to downsize it or not. Then choose Add and your image will appear on the image list. Next to your image is the URL. Highlight the URL and copy it.

To insert the image in the editor, go back to the editor and choose the insert image icon. Put your cursor to the spot where you want the image inserted.

add image icon.JPG


You will then get this pop up:


insert image screen.JPG


Now at the URL box, paste the URL that you copied from the list and click OK.

Your image will now appear in the editor. You may need to make adjustments to the size you can do that from the Image properties in the width and height boxes. You can also have it left or right justified in the alignment section.

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