Getting Answers For Auction Trak

Sometimes you just can’t figure out the answer yourself. No problem - our support staff is here to help you! If you do not find your answer in our support materials, you can enter a support ticket for direct help from our staff.

1. You will find our support center under the ‘Help’ menu in Auction Trak.


2. Choose the Support Center link from the drop down list.

3. Choose Submit A Request from the grey menu bar.

4. Here you can enter your requests. All items marked with a (*) are required fields. Sometimes it is helpful to attach a file such as  a screenshot. You can also create a screencast. A screencast is a video which records your screen and anything you do while the video is recording. This can help us understand what you are having difficulty with.

5. Your request will be sent when you hit the submit button. Our staff will be notified of your request and respond to you directly. You can always find your requests in your support center and if you have the correct email address in your Auction Trak setup/primary contacts, you will also receive notifications.

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