Adding Items Into Auction Trak

It is a week before the auction and you just received 10 items from different donors and they all have to be entered before you can assign item numbers. Use the Add Items screen as a quick way for you to enter last minute items and a large number of items quickly.


1. You will find the Add Items screen under the Items menu.

This is the same screen that you see if you go through the Donor database to add an item.

A. Item Name: Enter the item name here.

B. Item Description: Enter the item description as you would like the bidders to see it.

C. Published Value: Enter the value you wish the public to see for this item.

*D. Anonymous Value: Check this box if you wish for the value to be, in this case, “Priceless”

E. Fair Market Value: Enter the actual value that this item would cost normally.

NEW!!!!  F. Our Upfront Cost:  Enter the amount your organization paid for this item. This will be noted on the Running Totals report under the During Auction tab. It will account for this amount and subtract it from the auction total.

G. Auction Category: Choose the category that this item falls under.

H. Primary Photo: If you click the Choose File button you can attach a picture of the item. If you do not have a picture of the item, you can check the box to use the Donor’s Item graphic (which can be their logo.)

NEW!!!! I. Additional Photos:  Up to 3 additional photos can be added for each item.

J. Certificate Required: Check this box if the winning bidder will need to have a certificate for redeeming this item from the donor.Certificate required.JPG

Then also choose if the Donor will provide the certificate or if the Auction Committee will need to generate a certificate. This is very important when you run the Certificate report under Before Auction. If this is not marked, it will not show up on that report and will cause you extra work.


K. Pick Up Instructions: Enter any instructions for the committee if the item needs to be picked up.

L. Other Notes: Enter any other details that the committee may need to know. If this item was a puppy for example, you could enter details of how to care for it until the bidder picks it up.

M. Post To Web Date: You have 3 options here. If you enter a date, that is the date the item will appear on your website listing of your items. If you click on the today link, it will enter today’s date for you. If you choose to leave the date blank, this item will not be posted to the web.

N. Donor: Choose the donor of this item. If this is a new donor, you will have to go to the Donor Database and Add a Donor.

O. Anonymous Donor: If you donor wishes to remain anonymous, check this box to keep the donor name from listing in any public reports. You will still be able to go to the donors information and see that they donated this item. Their donation will appear as anonymous in the website listing, catalog report, table tents or anything a bidder would see.

P. Finish: Choose Finish if you have completed your entry of this item. It will then be saved.

Q. Add Another Item: If you have more items to add, click this button.

R. Reset: If you made a mistake, you can choose this and clear out your entries.

*Note: To change the “Anonymous” and “Priceless” wording go to the Setup/Options menu and choose Utilities.

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