Approving Items

Your solicitors will do much of the data entry of your items for you. If you use the donation submission form on your webpage, donors can add donations themselves. But, as an administrator you still want control over what items get added and make sure things are spelled correctly etc. Auction Trak has an Approve Items tool for just that!


1. You will find it under the Items tab and then choose Approve Items.

Items awaiting approval.JPG

Here you see one item that needs approval. If there were multiple items, you would see them all listed. From this screen you can change any wording of the Item or even change the values. You can assign this item to a category. If everything looks good you can check the Approve box and click Submit. If not, you can enter in your Decision Comments as to your reasoning and click the Reject Box.

When you have multiple items to approve, you can click on the Check All above Approve and it will mark all of the items for you.

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