Creating Packages

Sometimes combining items into packages or bundles can make them more attractive to the buyers and may bring more money. Auction Trak has a tool to help you package individual items from different donors and still keep the items individual but yet assign the package as one item.


You will find the Packages/Combine Items tool under the Items menu.


1. Choose the Add Package link. You will find a list of all the items in your database.

2. You can sort these alphabetical by Item, Donor, or by Category. Simply click on the word ‘Item’ to sort them by Item. Choose the items you wish to put into a package. Remember that by selecting an item, the item will no longer appear as a stand-alone item in the Before Auction, During Auction, or After Auction areas of the Auction Trak software, with the exception of the Thank you Receipts. Click Continue once you have the items selected.

3. You will see that it takes your items and lists them. Here you can make any adjustments to the Package as an item.

A. Package Name: Create a unique name for your package.

B. Package Description: The descriptions of the individual items will pull into this area. You can update the description to something totally different or leave it.

C. Auction Category: You can choose whatever category you want this package to be listed in.

D. Published Value: This will total the amounts of all the items that you choose for this package. You can make adjustments to this as needed.

E. Priceless: Check this box if you do not want to give a value to this package.

F. Fair Market Value: This will total the amounts of all the items that you choose for this package. You can make adjustments to this as needed.

G. Upload Photo: Add a photo of this package.

H. Certificate Required: If this package requires a certificate, check this box and mark if the committee will make the certificate, or if the donor will supply the certificate.

I. Pickup Instructions: If someone from your team needs to pick up this item, you can enter those notes in here.

J. Other: Here you can enter any other specific instructions needed.

K. Post to Web Date: Click on ‘today’ to post the package to the website today, or choose a date.

L. Donor(s): The donors from each of the items chosen will appear in this box.

M. Anonymous Donor: Check this box to have the item listed as Anonymous in any of the public listings for this package. This would include your website posting and anything that

is printed for the auctions that the attendees will see.

N. Add Package: Once you have completed your changes, choose Add Package.

4. Now your package is complete. Under the Before Auction section you will only see the one package item and not the 2 separate items. So, the package will just get 1 item number.  Also, if the item is part of a package, it will have the package icon next to it in the Items Database.

Notice you will see the IPad package with a package icon and the individual items also will have the same icon. You can only update the package details by going through the Packages/Combined packages screen. The screen above is from the Items Database search.

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