Navigating the Items Database

Once your donations roll in, using the donor database will not be the quickest way to search for an item. The Items Database will be very useful!


1. You will find the Item Database under the Items menu.Items Database.JPG


Here you can do a search in a variety of ways, like by Item Name, Donor, Date Posted To Web, Auction Category, or by items where a Certificate is Required. Or, if you want to see the entire list you can click the link to view all items or simply click the Search button at the bottom. For this example, we will use the Auction Category of Electronics.

Items database category search.JPG

2. The above picture shows what you see in the Search Results. If you attached photos to your items, they will appear here on the list along with the Item Name, Values, Donor, Category and Post Date.  If you have already numbered the item, if you hover over the link name you will see that number.

A. Clicking on the Item Name will bring you to the Update Item/Donation screen where you can make changes to the item.Update Item.JPG


B. From the Search Results you can also use the Copy tool by clicking on the Copy icon for a specific item. This is useful if you have multiple of the same item or if you have repeat donations from year to year. You can copy an item from a previous auction and put it in your current auction. If you do not wish to have the words ‘Copy of’ in your Item Name, remember to remove it while you are on this screen.copy item.JPG


3. Any of your Item Searches can also be downloaded into an Excel document. Simply choose your parameters for the search and click the Download Data button at the bottom of the Items Database screen. It will tell you how many items match your search that will be included in the download. If it sounds right you can continue by clicking the Download items database.JPG

item download.JPGThe data can then be further manipulated how ever you decide.

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