Promoting Auction Items on Your Webpage

Buyers like to know what they are getting, so why not show them before your event. Auction Trak has a quick tool to get a list of all your current items that will be up for sale at your auction.


1. You will find the Public Website Listing tool under the Items menu.

Here you will find some options:

A. Public Website Listing Link: This is an actual link to your current list. This link can be added to your own webpage. Remember that if you want the public to see the item, it must be marked with a Post date. (Please see the How to Add an Item for details.)

B. Public Website Listing Embed Code: This is the code you can give your webmaster to insert into your website. This will show with your own website background.

C. If you use DIS(Faithwebsites) websites, there is a tool in the Content Management System (CMS) called Auction Trak Items List. This will pull your list in for you.

D. Show Thumbnails: Check this box if you wish to have the item pictures appear next to the item name.

E. Display Type: There are 2 options to how your items will be listed, either in a list going down or in 2 columns.

F. Default Sort: Here you have options on how your items are displayed in the list:

Item Name

Category, Item Name

Category, Value, Item Name

Category, Donor

Value (High to Low)


Post Date (Oldest to Newest)

2. Be sure to click the Submit Changes button for items D-F above.

Here is an example of what the list will look like. This may also be great advertising for your donors! Notice that the user will still be able to limit the list further by selecting a Category or doing an Advanced Search.

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