Copying Items From A Previous Auction

Some donors will donate the same items that they donated the previous year. Auction Trak has an easy ‘Copy’ tool to make adding an item quick and simple!


1. When you get an item that has been donated previously, you can change your default auction to the previous auction. (Admins are the only ones able to use this.) At the top of the screen on the right side you will see your current auction listed. If you click on the ‘(Change)’ link it will bring you to this screen. For this example, we will find something from the 2012 Auction and copy it to the 2013 Auction. When you pick the auction you want and hit submit, you will see the auction on the top right to be the one you picked.


2. Search for the item to be copied in the Items Database under the Items Menu. Here you will see the column for Copy. Click on the copy icon.

3. Note that the new name will have ‘Copy of’ added to it. You may edit it here or you can edit after it is copied. Select the auction you wish for this item to be copied to. You can also mark the item to be posted to the web. Once you have the item details to your liking, click the Copy Item button.


4. To see your new item, you will have to change back to the auction you had the item copied to.


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