How do I enter event or raffle tickets in Auction Trak?

You may require a ticket to attend your event or sell tickets for a raffle. Auction Trak doesn’t have a specific tool for tickets, but there is a way to easily accommodate for them.

First, what is the cost for these tickets? Usually they are the same amount, which will make entering them easier. You can have this setup before your auction begins.

You will first need to enter an item for these. We will use an event ticket for our example, but the steps would also work for a raffle ticket.


1. To enter an item, go to the Items menu and choose ‘Add Items’.

2. Enter the Item Name, Item Description if you want, Fair Market Value - which is the amount you are selling the tickets for, and enter a generic Donor for example ‘Central Academy Internal’. (If you don’t have a generic donor, you can go to Add a Donor to create a donor.) Click Finish to add the item.

 3. Next, you will need to assign your item to a store. You can create a store name just for this one item, or you can add this in any store, as long as you know where it is.

4. Click on Add Auction Store.

5. Enter a Store ID and the Store Name and click the Add button. Now the store is set up and you can assign your event ticket item to a store and give it an item number.

 6. To assign an item to a store, go to Before Auction and choose Assign Items Stores/Numbers. You can then filter the search and choose the store name that you just created or simply enter the Item Name.

7. Now you can enter your Store ID and an Item number to your Event Ticket item. You may want to choose an item number that is well beyond what you will be using for this auction. Be sure to save when you are finished.

 8. When it comes time to enter these tickets, you will need to go to During Auction and choose Silent Auction Bids.  Then select the store you have your Event Ticket item in.

9. Since you will be selling several of these tickets, you will need to use the multiple tool which is circled in red above.

10.You can enter the Default Bid Amount as the amount you are selling the tickets for. Then enter the Bidder Numbers for those that purchased a ticket and if you entered the default amount it will automatically fill in. Choose the Submit & Enter More Bids to add more.


This is something that could be done ahead of time if they register ahead. This will then be included in the attendee statements and also will be included in their total purchases.

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