How do I search for, email, and download donors?

If your list of donors is quite large, it is often necessary to narrow the list to find the donor in question quickly. Auction Trak has many search fields for you to hone in on that one donor you are trying to find.

1. First of all, you will need to go to the Donor menu and choose ‘Donor Database’.

As you can see there are several criteria in which to narrow your search. Probably the most used is the Business Name. Let’s say we are looking for a business that has ‘air’ in its name. We type in ‘air’ and it will show us all possible donors with ‘air’ in the business name.

This may still be quite a list, so we can click on ‘Modify Search Criteria’ to narrow the search even further. The possibilities are endless.

2. You can view your search by clicking the ‘Search’ button. Another option is to download your search by clicking ‘Download’.  It will bring you to this screen which tells you how many donors match your criteria and will be included in the download.

It will also tell you the name of the .csv file that will be downloaded.This will bring your search list into a .csv file for further manipulation in software such as Microsoft Excel. If you are a solicitor and want just your list of donors to contact, it may be nice to have the list printed out for you to make the contacts.

3.  Maybe you know your donors well and they respond best to an email. You can run your search and then click the ‘Email’ button to possibly edit the list further, compose your email and send it.

Here you can choose the email to send from, choose the reply to email address, enter your subject, and write and format your content.

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