Approving Donors Added By Non-Admins

Allowing solicitors to add new donors is vital to the depth of your donor base. With Auction Trak, you as the administrator can still have the control of knowing what donors are being added.


1. There are 2 places to check for new donors waiting for approval. The first one is on the home screen.


If there are any donors that need approval, you will see the number in front of ‘Donors Awaiting Approval’. You can then click on that link and you will be brought to this screen to approve your donors.

Here you can choose the appropriate box to approve or reject the new donor; then click “submit”. Clicking approve will add the donor to your database. If you click reject, the donor will not be added to your database. You can enter comments to communicate with the solicitor your reasoning for your decision.

2. The other place to approve new donors is under the Donor menu and choose ‘Approve Donors’. This will bring you to the same Approve Donors screen as above.

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    Permanently deleted user

    Can I, as administrator, approve all the donor changes at once? Or do I need to open each one individually and accept the changes?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Yes you can approve all the donor changes at once. If you look at the last image above, you will see you can select the donor or all donors as 'Approve' and then hit the submit button.

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    Permanently deleted user

    Kim, that isn't the page I'm seeing. This is what I see when I log in: 

    | 8
    | Active Donor Contact Information Changes Awaiting Approval

    Then when I click on that I go to this page:

    I clicked on "Submit Changes" but they still show up on my first page. The only way I can get them off my "notification" page is to open each one and click on "Approve Contact Change". It's rather time consuming.....

    Does this make sense? :)

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    Permanently deleted user


    I am entering this in to our ticket system as it is specific to your account. You will get an email from me shortly.


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