Importing Donors

Whether you are new to Auction Trak and have no donors yet or you need to update your donor database, the Import Donor tool is what you need!


1. First you need to find your data. If you are starting with Auction Trak for the first time and have no donors yet, you will need to get all your data into an Excel spreadsheet. Here is a link to a template. If you just want to do some cleaning up of your current donor database, you will need to do a download. Please see this document for those details.


2. Once you have gathered your data, follow the instructions on the Import Donors screen found under the Donor menu to format your spreadsheet as needed for the import.


Step 1 is reminding you that if you are using column headers to organize the data, you will need to remove that row prior to saving your document.


Step 2 is the longest step! Here is exactly what order you data needs to be in. Please follow each column as it states. Column B is the Auction Trak Donor ID. This is only for those that are updating the records and then the box must be checked. If this is your first upload, please uncheck the box. Anything marked with a red asterisk must be included in your data.


Step 3 is a reminder that the first and last column must have data. These columns are indicators to the program that you are moving to the next record,


Step 4 tells you how the file should be saved. When you go to save the document in excel, save it as type Tab Delimited .txt file and remember where you save it.

3. Once the file is saved, you can click on Browse to find the text file you just created.

4. After you have selected your file you can click on the Import Donors button. If the upload worked, you will see something like this:

If you had any items missing in your data, you will get an error message. Then go back through the directions to find where your error is and try to upload again.

If you still are unable to upload your data, go to the help menu and choose support center. You can enter a ticket to ask for more help. If you would like the Auction Trak support team to review and import your data for you, we are happy to help you with that. Please contact the support team for a quote.

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