How do I deal with a cash donation from a donor?

Some donors don’t have actual items to donate but they will still donate in the form of cash. These donations will still need to be tracked in Auction Trak for sending thank yous and tax receipts.


1. Enter the donation into Auction Trak like an item.  Here we gave it the name Cash Donation. If you consistently use one name such as Cash Donation for all of your cash donations from donors,  later when you do a search in the Items database, you will see the entire list. This can be downloaded and easily put in a spreadsheet for quickly adding the amounts given.

Depending on your donor, you may not want to share the donation amount. In that case, just do not enter a value in the Published Value box. You will still want to enter the amount in the Fair Market Value box for this to pull into the tax receipts. It can also be nice to post this on your website, functioning like an advertisement for business who have donated.

2. When you go to number your items, you will not be giving any of your cash donations an item number, because you will not be selling cash at your auction. You will need to keep this total separate to include in your total raised as it will not be included in the during auction Running Totals report.

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