How do I update donor information?

Keeping your auction Donor list up-to-date and accurate is one of the biggest steps in preparing for your auction. Auction Trak allows you make updates to your donors and also will track the changes you make.


1. To make changes to a donor, go to the Donors menu and choose the Donor Database option. Now you will need to search for your Donor. There are many ways to filter your search, but if you know the name the best option would be to search by Business Name. If you just click the Search button you will get your entire list of donors.

2. For this example, we will use Pizza Ranch as our Donor. This screen will come up once you hit the search button.

3. Now click on the notepad image and you will get a screen to update your donor.


4. The Edit Donor screen will allow you to edit any information for your donor. Here, you can logo images for use in all auctions. There is also a place to make this donor inactive. Once a donor has donated to an auction, deleting them is not an option. So making them inactive will keep them from your list of donors to contact for your current auction. Once you make your changes, choose “Update” to save them.


2. Now if we go back to our search results for this Donor and just click on the Donor Name we will also see their donation history and have access to update their information.

3. Here you see the donor information at the top. If you click the link to edit the donor information you will go back to the Edit Donor screen. You can also view the past changes to the donor information by clicking the View Contact Information History link.

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