Go Live Instructions: If you have a domain & know how to manage DNS records

If you have access to your organization's Domain/DNS account and are familiar with managing DNS records, follow these steps:
  1. Start a support ticket or email and let us know you want to take your website live at your domain and that you will be making the DNS changes. Please provide the primary domain that you want the website to operate on, and also list any secondary domains that you would like us to include as redirects to your primary domain. Our server will not handle the traffic correctly for your domain until we hear from you and add all of your domains into our system.
  2. After you hear back from us that we have added your domains, you can point your root domain's A-record to our IP address, which is and point your www subdomain to our server using a cname record with a value of
  3. Then please reply to your existing go-live request ticket, or email and let us know you have pointed your DNS records for your domain to our server. We will then change all of the internal links to point to your domain instead of the temporary domain it has been operating on.

All of these steps are important, so, please follow them exactly.

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