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The Calendar Tool is a page-level main body tool, which can either display a monthly grid calendar or a list of all calendar events. It pulls the calendar event information from your Calendar Admin. Before using this tool, you must set up your Calendar Admin. If you have not already done this, you may find these articles helpful: 

All events must be in Calendar Admin. You cannot add events or update event information in the page-level Calendar tool. 

Here is an example of the Calendar in Calendar View. Screen_Shot_2014-07-01_at_3.24.53_PM.png

Here is an example of the Calendar in List View.Screen_Shot_2014-07-01_at_3.25.28_PM.png

How to Add a Calendar Tool to a Page: 

    1. In Site Manager, go to the page where you'd like to add your new calendar tool. 
    2. From the "Select a Tool to Add" drop down menu, select "Calendar". 


    • Default View: Select if you want a Calendar View (monthly grid) or List View. 
    • Default Date Range: This only applies for the List View. For the List View, select the range of events that you would like included in your calendar.
    • Show Month/Year/View Filters: Checking this box includes filters so that your end users can switch to a different month, year or type of view on your page.
    • Include Category Filter in Simple Mode: Check this box if you want your users to be able to view the calendar events by category as well. 
    • Show Date Range Filters: Applies only for List view. Check this if you want your end users to be able to adjust the date range. 
    • Show Begin Time: Check this box if you want your calendar to include begin times for events. Otherwise, the user will have to click on the individual event to view the begin time.
    • Calendar Categories: Select if you want your calendar to include all Calendar Admin categories or only selected categories.
    • Display Default Banner on Printable View: Check this if you want to include your default site banner when someone goes to print the calendar.
    • RSS Field Title: If you would like to give a different name to your RSS field title, enter it here.
    • Click "Update" when you have filled out the fields as desired.

Updating a Calendar Tool:

If you need to update event, location, facility, or equipment information, you need to do that in the Calendar Admin, located under Tool Databases. However, you may need to update your page-level Calendar Tool properties upon occasion. For example, if you add a new calendar category and want to display this new category's events on this page. If you only have selected categories showing, you'll need to update the calendar tool properties to include this new category.

To access and update the Calendar tool's properties, simply click on the Tool Menu to the upper right of your Calendar Tool. Screen_Shot_2014-07-01_at_3.02.46_PM.png


If you are wondering why specific events are not showing up in your calendar tool, please read this article

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