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The links list is a tool available for both the main body and right side. You can use the links list to build a set of links to external websites or even pages within your website. 

There are three different types of layouts: full list,  dropdown box and expand/collapse link.

Full List puts all of the link information on your page without your user clicking any extra buttons to show the link information. This is ideal for a page which is dedicated to sharing these links, e.g. a page of affiliated organizations. 

Dropdown box puts your list of links into a dropdown box, with only the name of the link and the URL, if you chose to include it there instead of hyperlinking it to the name. This is ideal for using the links list for additional navigation, for example for a "quick links" section. 

Expand/Collapse Links allows you to add your links in an expandable list. If you have a lot of links, the Expand/Collapse option may be a good fit. This allows you to still include more information about each link, but it will take up less space unless your users decide to click on it. 

How to Add a Links List Tool to the Main Body: 

  1. In Site Manager, go to the page where you'd like to add the Links list tool. Choose "Select a Tool to Add" and choose "Links List", located under "Content Build".
  2. This will take you to the Links List properties page. Screen_Shot_2014-06-20_at_10.35.02_AM.png
    • Type: Select the type of links list tool that you would like: full list, dropdown box or expand/collapse links. If you choose the expand/collapse option, it will ask you to enter in an initial title for the expand/collapse link.
    • Link Display: Select if you would like the links to be hyperlinked or the URL next to the title.  
  3. When you are done selecting the properties, click "Add Links List." 

Adding Links to Your Links List Tool

  1. After you've added the links list to your page, it will not show up on your live website until you add links. To add a link, click on the "Tool Menu" to the upper right of the tool and choose "Add Link". Screen_Shot_2014-06-21_at_10.09.13_AM.png
  2. This will take you to the link properties page. Screen_Shot_2014-06-21_at_10.10.36_AM.png
    • Position After: If you already have more than one link in your list, select the link that you want your new link to be after from the drop down menu.
    • Link Title: Enter the title of your link here.
    • Web Address: Enter the URL of your link here. Make sure to include http://www.
    • Opens In: Select if you want your link to open in a new browser window or the existing browser window. We recommend a new browser window for all links that go off your website, to make it easier for your users to get back to your website. For links to inside pages, you can use "opens in existing browser window", as they will still have your navigation to get around the site.
    • Upload Photo: If you want to include a photo with your link, upload it here. Please note that this does not apply for the "Drop Down Box" style of links list.
    • Description: If you would like to enter a description about your link, include that here. Please note that this also does not apply for the "Drop Down Box" style of links list.
  3. Once you've filled out all required fields, click "Add Link". 

How to Edit a Link:

If you need to edit a link, simply click on the link name in the tool window pane. For more information about the fields, read the section above about adding a link.

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