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Once a page has been created, a Resource/Content List Tool can be added to the page. This tool gives you many options for adding links, files and other content in a consistently formatted way. Some popular uses are to add newsletters and other uploaded files or link to news articles and resources on other Web sites.

Adding a Resource/Content List Tool

  1. From your Site Manager home page, hover over Navigation Builder and choose the page you wish to add a Resource/Content list tool.
  2. Once on the page, click on Select A Tool to Add and choose Resource/Content List.


  1. The tool will automatically be added to the page. If you need to edit the tool properties, Click "Tool Menu" and "Edit Properties". 

Editing the Resource/Content List Properties

The Resource Content List tool has fewer properties than some of our other tools, but these properties are essential to utilizing all of the Resource/Content list's features.

To Edit the Properties, Click on "Tool Menu"  and "Edit Properties". 

  1. Click on the RSS Feed button. This is what the user will see when clicking on the RSS button on your page that contains the Resource/Content List tool. They can use this RSS Feed with an RSS reader, such as Feedly, Digg Reader or Flipboard.
  2. Learn More About RSS: Click on this button if you wish to understand more of what RSS is. You will be taken to a different website.
  3. *Display RSS Graphic: You must choose yes or no to display the RSS graphic on the user side of the website.
  4. Title for this Feed: You may type in a Title of this feed. If you choose not to, the title of the page will be used instead.
  5. Display Expandable Content: Expandable Content cuts your text off after 120 characters, with a link to read more. You can turn it on here, but if you'd like more information about Expandable Content, please review the Resource Content List: Expandable Content article.
  6. Automatically Post to Facebook: If you are on a plan which includes the Social Stream Database and you have added Facebook feeds, you will also see this option. Check which feed or feeds you want this tool to automatically post when a new item is added. Leave the checkboxes all unchecked if you do not want this tool to post automatically to Facebook.

Adding Items 

  1. From the Tool Menu, choose "Add New Item". 

  1. Position After: Choose where you would like the new item listed. If it is the first one, then you would just choose at the top. When you have more items in the list you can position them anywhere in the list.
  2. *Title: A title is necessary for all items and must be entered here. 
  3. Short Description: In this editor you can enter in a description of your item but it is optional. If you use this, you can also have it cut off after 120 characters by using the Expandable Content feature
  4. *Resource Type: You are able to have different types of resources. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is that you can mix the different types of resources. Scroll down to see an example of each of the types of resources.
  • None - Title is Not Linked: - Choose None, if you do not wish to have the title linked to any file.
  • Web site Link: Choose Web site Link if your item is a link from a different website. Choose how you would like the link to appear on the user side, either opening in a new browser window or in the current one. It is best to choose "new browser window" if this link will take the user off of your website and "current browser window" if the user will stay within your website. Don't forget to add in the URL or website link and include the http://www.
  • Link to a File: If you simply wish to link this item to a file like a weekly newsletter, choose Link to a File.  This will give you the "Upload File:" box and you will need to Choose a file from your computer.
  1. Status: You can change the status to Active or Inactive if you are not finished with the tool yet. You also have the option of scheduling the item to go live or to be taken down. This will allow you to be away and the item still getting published at a desired date. You can select an email address for you to be notified when the change does take place.
  2. RSS Feed Publication Date: Choose the date you wish to have the feed start. This is optional and will auto fill with the current date.
  3. Add: Be sure to click the Add button to add your Resource/Content List item.
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