Once a page has been created, a Profiles tool can be added to the page. This tool makes it simple to add, organize, and maintain staff profiles. It's an easy addition to your "About" page, but we've even seen it for some creative uses like featuring recommended books. One of the most useful features of the Profiles tool is the ability to CAPTCHA protect an email address.

Note: If you are adding faculty members, it may be easier to use the Faculty Database instead. 

Adding a Profiles Tool to a Page

  1. In Site Manager, go to the page where you would like to add the Profiles tool. Click "Select a Tool to Add" and choose "Profiles."

  1. This will take you to the properties page for the Profiles Tool.

  • Display Layout: Choose which layout you would like to use for the Profile tool. "Names Listed On Right, Click to Read More" only shows the name and the heading that you enter here.  "All Names and their Information are Listed" shows all information entered for this person.
  • Protect Email: Use CAPTCHA to force users to match text to a graphic to access this person's email address. This will help protect email addresses from spammers and email harvesting. This is defaulted as checked, but you have the option to remove it.
  •  Submit: Click Submit to save the properties and add the Profile tool to the page.

Adding a Profile

  1. Once you have added the Profiles tool to a page, select "Add New Profile" under the Tool Menu to begin adding content.
  2. Position After: Simply decide where you would like to have this person's profile listed. If it is the first one, it will be listed at the top.
  3. Name: Your profile must have a name.
  4. Email: You may choose to add the email address.
  5. Title: Enter the person's title here.
  6. Short Description: In the editor you may enter a description which will appear under the Profile title.
  7. Upload Photo: Choose a photo for the profile you are adding.
  8. Bio: In the editor you may enter biographical information about this person.
  9. Add: Choose "Add" to add this profile to the page. It will now be listed in your list of profiles in this tool.

Updating a Profile

  1. In Site Manager, find the page to which you want to edit the Profile. Click the Title of the page to open it.
  2. From the in the Tool Pane of the Profile Tool, you can:
  • Click on the Name to edit the profile information including the name, title, and other information.
  • Delete a Profile by clicking the trash can related to that Profile.
  • You can Schedule a Status change by clicking the "Schedule Status Change" button below the tool.
  • Delete the entire Profile tool by clicking the "delete" button below the tool.
  • You can Preview the Profiles as the end user would see them by clicking the preview button below the tool.
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