Resource / Content List Tool: Expandable Content

The expandable content is a property setting for the Resource/Content List tool, which automatically creates an expand/collapse content for each item after 120 characters. This is an on/off setting for the entire tool. If it is turned on for the tool, it is turned on for all items.

Using the expandable content feature provides an easy way to provide snippets of content - allowing your site visitor to scan the content quickly and expand what content they want to read more on. This is especially important for home pages where you need to keep your content to short limits, but have a number of announcements, events or updates to push out to your home page. It is also very ideal for mobile and tablet screens, as the smaller screen size demands less text.


  1. Click on the "Tool Menu" for your Resource/Content List tool and select" Tool Properties.Screen_Shot_2014-02-12_at_8.15.03_PM.png

  2. In your Tool Properties, select the "Yes" radio button next to "Display Expandable Content".Screen_Shot_2014-02-12_at_8.15.19_PM.png
  3. Hit Submit.


After you have turned on the expandable content in the properties, you do not need to take any additional steps to turn on the expandable content for your items. It is on for all items, automatically "snipping" or truncating, after 120 characters. You can use expandable content with any item type, but if you only want to put the content in the expandable content section (not linking to a file or another website), you can select the "no link" item type.

The expandable content will appear as an ellipsis inside brackets: [. . .].

Here is an example of how the expandable content looks, with a "no link" item on top and a linked item on the bottom.

When the expandable link is clicked, the rest of the content appears, with a [show less] link at the end, as seen in this example below:

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