Column Display

The Column Display tool allows you to easily format content (text, images, etc.) into vertical columns. The tool will automatically size the columns based on the available spacing on your page. Like all page level tools, the Column Display can be one of many tools used on a page, or the only tool used.

Each column contains its own editor, creating the ability to build and edit each column individually.

To build a Column Display:

  1. On your page, select Column Display from the tool drop down menu and add it to your page.
  2. The properties screen first appears and you need to select how many columns you want, between 1 and 4. You can change this setting later, but keep in mind that if you have graphics, those may need to be resized.
  3. Click Submit. The tool pane now shows in your Page Summary, but there is no content or columns started.
  4. To start building columns, from the tool's drop down menu, click Add Column.
  5. When you are building a column, there is a full editor tool and the ability to add an image using the system tools. Keep in mind that you can add multiple images, links, etc. using the editor tools and the integrated File Uploads database.
  6. Click Update to save/submit your changes for each column.

Repeat adding columns and content until you have reached your desired number of columns on that page. To edit the columns, in the Functional Pane, you will see an Update and Delete link at the top of each column. Clicking Update will get you into that column's content.

To change the order of columns:

  1. Click Update above a column you wish to change
  2. In the drop down menu, select the position (#1 is the left side position)
  3. Click Update to save your changes
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