Getting Started with Site Manager

We suggest that you schedule a time with our team as your first training session with Site Manager. Or, if attending a live demo won't work out, we have a 10 minute intro video that will get you started.

The best way to learn is hands-on. We suggest learning how to create a page first - and then to start experimenting with the different tools to get a feel for how to best build and manage your content.

Next, move on to adding admin users (People) and the more advanced features such as building a members database. We offer many short, topic specific videos to help guide you with your tasks, as well as our ticket system and community forum.

Where would you like to jump in first?

If you have design product, your top navigation is already setup for you, so you can start with building your pages, and the content on those pages. Head right to our Navigation Builder help.

If you have a DIY Template, you'll may need to work on Settings and Top Navigation Categories.

Need more users?

A first step is often creating access for more admin users. That's located under People.


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