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Notes about our invoicing process:

  • Be sure to get your organization's bookkeeper setup in Site Manager. (See FAQ #3)
  • All your invoices will be sent via email.
    • You will receive these invoices 15 days prior to the due date, on the due date and 15 / 30 days after the due date. 
    • Once your invoice has been paid AND your payment has been processed, you will no longer receive this email.
  • You can pay your service fees for Faithwebsites or monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  If you choose pay annually, you will receive a discount off the normal monthly rate.
  • Payments can be made:
    • ​​Via postal mail with a check (please include a hard copy of your invoice with your payment) - Recommended
    • Online with an eCheck or ACH (no fees) - Recommended
    • Online with a Credit Card
  • ​If you want to see the status of your payments or print out an old, current or future invoice, you can log into the admin area of your site and click on Account Information, Invoices link on the top right side of the page.


#1 What address do I send my payment to?

This is on all invoices, but here it is for convenience:

Wilcomp Software
Accounting Department
121 S 13th Street, Suite 301
Lincoln, NE 68508
Billing Phone: 866-800-6593
Billing Email:


#2 How do I see my if an invoice is paid?

Log into your Site Manager, go to the Account Information link, then to "Invoices." Here you can see the status of your payments or print out an old, current or future invoice.


#3 How do I give my someone access to our invoices?

To give your treasurer, secretary or bookkeeper access to the Invoices area of your Site Manager, just log into Site Manager, go to Administrators, add in your person's information and be sure to click the checkbox for Invoices when giving him/her access. You can uncheck other areas if desired. They will then access the Site Manager using the same URL that you use but they will just be able to view invoices (under Account Info) unless you gave them other access rights.


#4 What are my options for paying an invoice?

There are several options for paying your invoices listed below.  The two options that we recommend you use are the "Pay with Check" or the "Pay Now with an eCheck or Credit Card".

  • Pay with a check (United States only): Just print out the invoice that is emailed to you and send it along with a check to Wilcomp Software.  See FAQ #1 for our address information.
  • Pay Now with an eCheck or Credit Card.


#5 How do I Pay Now with an eCheck or Credit Card?

You can use the Pay Now with eCheck or Credit Card link to pay your invoice online immediately.   You will find this link on the bottom of your Invoice or in the Invoices area of Site Manager (Account Information / Invoices).


#6 Can I call in with my credit card info?

Yes, we are able to take credit card transactions over the phone.   However, we recommend that you first try to use one of the methods described in FAQ #4 as these methods are less time consuming for both parties.  If you are having issues with the other payment methods and want to pay your invoice via phone, please email requesting that someone from our billing team call you for your credit card information.  Be sure to include your telephone number and a timeframe when you will be available at that number.  For security reasons, do NOT include your credit card information in that support ticket.


#7 Can I set up an automated pay feature?

Yes, you can set up an automated payment using the "Setup Recurring Payment".  By setting up a subscription, your monthly service fee will be taken out of your bank account (or credit card) on the same day of each month.  Be sure to check the "Check here if you want to set up recurring payments for each pay period", under "Additional Information".


#8 How do I update my billing information?

To update your billing information, log into Site Manager, click on the Account Information / Invoices link on the top right.  In the middle of the page, you will see your current billing information that we have on record and link to "Update Billing Information".  It is extremely important that the email address(es) on file are accurate and checked frequently as your invoices will be sent to you via this email address.


#9 What if I have billing questions and need to talk to someone?

After reviewing these FAQs, if you still have questions, be sure to send an email to  You can also call our billing support line at 866-800-6593; however, you may need to leave a message and wait for a reply.  Typically, email will get you the best response time.


#10 Do you accept Canadian checks?

Faithwebsites does NOT accept Canadian checks.  In the past, we were able to to accept this method of payment; however, our bank now charges us a significant conversion fee for each Canadian check that we deposit.  Therefore, our Canadian clients can pay their invoices using the following options:

  • US Checks
  • US money order
  • Online with a credit card

Sorry, we can't take ACH payments or eChecks from Canadian checking accounts either, only US accounts.


#11 Can I pay for my invoices directly from my checking account using ACH?

Yes, you can pay your invoices using ACH if you are using a US checking account.  This is also know as our eCheck option.  With this option, you simply enter your bank routing number and your checking account number and money will be wired from your banking account into ours.  

If you want to set up an automated payment, you need to create an ACH subscription.  By setting up a subscription, your monthly service fee will be taken out of your checking account on the same day of each month.  To set up an ACH subscription, just pay your next invoice with ACH (see previous paragraph) and be sure to check the box for "Check here if you want to set up recurring payments for each pay period:" when you make this payment. 


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