Faculty Database: Adding a Faculty Directory Tool to a Page

After adding faculty to your Faculty Database and creating a page, you can add faculty to that page easily with the Faculty Directory tool. This tool adds and update your information automatically as you update the Faculty Database and beautifully formats your directory. Please note that all of the information in this tool is fed from the Faculty Database tool, so you will need to enter all of your faculty's details there.


  1. In Site Manager, go to the page where you would like the Faculty Directory tool to be added.
  2. Click "Select a Tool to Add" and choose "Faculty Directory.
  3. This will take you to the properties page for the Faculty Directory tool.
    • Column/Display: Select the display option that you would like for your faculty directory tool. This is easily changed in the properties later, so feel free to play around with it to get the desire display for your page.
    • Show Photo: Check this box if you would like this faculty member's photo to show.
    • Show Title: Check this box if you would like this faculty member's title to show.
    • Show Group Column: Select this to group faculty members in columns by their groups in the Faculty Database.
    • Group Heading: If you are using Tabular view, select select this to include Group headings instead of including the Group in it's own column.
    • Show Email: Check this if you want to include email addresses in the Faculty Directory tool.
    • Protect Email: Select this if you want the email addresses to be CAPTCHA protected.
    • Email Form: Select this if you want your users to be taken to an email form to email your faculty members. Please note that CAPTCHA will be forced if this option is selected.
    • Show Phone: Check this if you want your faculty members' phone numbers to show.
    • Show Website/More Info Link: Select this if you want your faculty members' information to include a link to their teacher page or profile page, depending on which you have selected in the Faculty Database.
    • Web site/More Info Link Title: If you would like to customize the name of this link, please enter the text here.
    • Show Profile: If using profile format, check this box to include your faculty members' profiles.
    • Include Search: Select this box to include a search field with your faculty directory tool.
    • Group Criteria Method: This works with the "Search" function above it. If "AND" if selected, a faculty member must be in all selected groups to be included in the search. If "OR" is selected, a faculty must be in any of the groups to be included in the search.
    • Faculty Groups: Check which faculty groups you would like included in this tool.
    • < Back to Main Home Page - Override: If you would like to customize the "Back to the Main Home Page" link to be something else, please enter your text and URL here.
    • < Back to Faculty Listing - Override: If you would like to change the name of the "Back to Faculty Listing" link, entere that text here.
    • Click "Submit" when done or "Reset" to reset the fields.
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