Members Database: Overview

The Members Database is a powerful database tool in Site Manager for customers using the Plus and above Service Plans.

Members Database has many features, the most popular being:

  • Collect, track and organize constituent’s contact information
  • Create an online directory of members (you determine what contact information is visible)
  • Create and manage groups of people
  • Organize weekly upcoming events for groups of people
  • Setup password protected web pages for members only (create sections for members, alumni, volunteer groups, board members, ministry leaders, etc.)
  • Create birthday and/or anniversary calendars of members

One of the most common uses of Members Database (MDB) is setting up secure pages or sections of your website for groups. You can assign each member a username and password and create secure pages on your site. Doing this, you can create entire sections for your members, or even specific groups of your members. A school may want groups of parents and/or alumni. A church may want to create groups within the MDB based on the different ministries at church-- different volunteer groups, discipleship groups, leadership groups, etc.


Additional Members Database help articles include:

Add and Edit Members

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