Members Database: Importing and Exporting Members



  1. From the top menu bar click on PEOPLE and choose the Members Database link. 
  2. The Members Database page will appear. Click on the arrow next to Select Options and choose Import Member Data link. Screen_Shot_2014-02-27_at_6.35.03_PM.png
  3. The Import Members page will appear.
  4. Prepare your members data exactly as it appears on the page. If you wish to update members using the import process, please download the member data first, then edit it before importing it.
  5. Notes:
    • Prepare your data in an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Make sure that you have all specified columns in your sheet. Even if you do not wish to update a specific field or any of the members, you still need to have that field, but just leave it empty for all.
    • If you wish to assign random user names and passwords, leave columns AA and AB empty and check the appropriate check box at the bottom of the page.
    • There are two filler columns-- A and one at the end of your spreadsheet. Both MUST contain an "x" for every record.
  6. File: Click on the CHOOSE FILE: button to select the file that you just created. Note only the first 1000 records will be processed. If you have a large database you will want to make 2 or more files, dividing them into groups of less than 1000. 
  7. Select if your file has a header row, so that the Members Database knows if it should include the first row or not.
  8. Method: Any members with matching ID numbers will get replaced with the new import data. Members without an ID number will be adding and an ID number will be generated for future imports.
    • For new member records that do not have a Member Name/First name match already in the database, select the check box next to Random User Name and Password, if those fields have been left blank in the import file. 
    • For existing member records that do not have a Member Name/First Name match already in the database:
      • Random Username and Password: This will create a random username and password for any new members in your list.
      • Create User Name/Password: This will overwrite the existing User Name and Password if the "Random User Name and Password" box above is checked and the import file doesn't include a User Name and Password.
      • Delete Members not Included: Check here to delete members that are not a part of the import file.
      • Update Children: Check here to replace children with the children in the import file for when member info is updated.
      • Save your file as an Excel 97-03 file (xls, not xlsx).
  9. IMPORT MEMBERS: Click the IMPORT MEMBERS button to proceed with the members import. You will get a confirmation message with the number of members added, if your import is successful. If it is unsuccessful, you will get an error message. Please double-check your import file and if everything looks as it should, please contact support with the import file attached.


You can export all or some of your member's database data by using the "Download Data" feature. This exported file matches the import perfectly, so you can use this file to edit/update your members in Excel and then import it back into the Members Database if desired. If you are using MailChimp, please click here to read how to export your data to MailChimp.

  1. From the top menu bar click on PEOPLE and choose the Members Database link. 
  2. Enter the desired search criteria to obtain the desired list. Do not click search. Instead, click on the Download Data button at the bottom of the page. Screen_Shot_2014-02-27_at_7.00.07_PM.png
  3. The Download Members Database Data page will appear. It will give you how many members match your criteria. You can click on the box to include the usernames and passwords of the members.
  4. Click on the Download button.
  5. When you click the Download button below, a box should appear asking you to download a CSV file named data with a number at the end. You may download this file to your computer and use it as needed. 
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