People: Overview

People is the section in Site Manager where you manage all the different groups of people who have access to your account. There are three different types of users - or access:

  1. Administrators (or Admin Users)
  2. Members
  3. Faculty Members


Administrators are the people who will manage, maintain and update your main website and your databases. Learn more →


Members can be added through the Members Database, which requires a Plus, Premier or Enterprise service plan. As an optional part of the Members Database, you can create password protected pages where members use their username and password to access. Learn more →

Faculty Members

Faculty Members (also referred to as teachers or staff) requires the setup of the Faculty Database, available in our Plus, Premier and Enterprise service plans. Through the Faculty Database, members can create their own profile pages, webpages or websites. Faculty members access through a separate login from Admin Users and do not have access to the main site administration. Learn more →

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