Faculty Database: Faculty Login

Faculty Members have their own login, completely separate from your main website. Faculty users should not be confused with main site administrative (admin) users.

Administrators Auto-Login To Faculty Folders/Websites

Administrators (Admin Users) can auto-login to any of their faculty members accounts. (See below for faculty user instructions to login direct to a faculty website.) Auto-logging in allows Admin Users an easy way to edit the faculty members content. When you auto-login as a Admin User, you'll have the same access and tools as the faculty member does. This is a benefit exclusive to main site Administrators. To auto-login:

  1. In Faculty Database, search to find the faculty member
  2. In the search display, click the Auto Login button [insert screenshot]
  3. A new window/tab will open and you will be logged in as that faculty member and will be able to access, add and edit all pages/content for that faculty website or profile.

Faculty members Logging into their Folder / WebSites

  1. Go to your organizations domain and add a "/faculty" at the end of that URL. It will look like For example, if your school's URL is "", you would to to "" to login. You will see a login screen like below.
    Faculty Login Screen
  2. Enter your Faculty Folder name (which is your username) and password as provided by your organizations webmaster / admin user.
  3. The Faculty Folder and Password fields are part of setting up Faculty Members in the Faculty Database. Refer to Add Faculty for more information.
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