Faculty Database: Add a Faculty Member

  1. From the top menu bar click on PEOPLE and choose the Faculty Database link. 
  2. The Faculty Database page will appear. Click on the down arrow next to Select Options at the Upper Right and choose Add Faculty. 
  3. The Add Faculty page will appear. 

  4. Add in the requested information:

    1. Last Name: Enter the staff member’s last name.
    2. First Name: Enter the staff member’s first name.
    3. Title: Enter the staff member’s job title.
    4. Email: Enter the staff member’s email address.
    5. Phone: Enter the staff member's phone number
    6. Home Page Type:
      • None: Staff member will not have her own Website.
      • Profile Page: Staff member will have a homepage that contains her profile information (Name, Title, Email, Profile and photo) and will have the ability to add any number of pages to her faculty page. (All the faculty homepages will be consistent).
      • Faculty Member’s Own Home Page: This is the same as the Profile Page option except that this faculty member will make their homepage from scratch (not all the faculty homepages will be consistent)
      • Web link: If a faculty member already designed a site and is hosting it elsewhere, you can use this to link to this “outside” site rather than having them create a new site within this system.
    7. Upload Space Allowed: This is the amount of memory that is allowed for each faculty member. Depending on how many staff members you have you may want to limit the number of files that they store in the File Uploads.
    8. Faculty Folder: This is the Website folder where this member’s faculty site will reside. One suggestion is that you use faculty members’ usernames for this.
    9. Password: This is the password that you want to assign to this member. Faculty members can change this on their own when they log into the system.
    10. Confirm Password: Enter you password again to confirm that this was entered correctly.
    11. Small Listing Photo: On the Web page listing your staff members within a group or groups, you can include a small photo of the staff members along with their name and contact info. This is optional.
    12. Large Profile Photo: This is the photo that will be included on the staff member’s homepage if the Profile Page option is chosen for Home
    13. Page Type. If you want to use the same picture for the Small Listing and the Large Profile, you will need to browse to find this photo in both fields.
    14. Profile: Type in the staff members profile, biography, etc. as you want it to appear on her homepage. If you leave this blank, the staff member can enter this in on their end.
    15. Banner Library: Check this if the faculty member should be allowed to add banners to the banner library from their Add and Update Page screens. 
    16. Belong to these Groups: Select all the groups that this member should belong to. If no groups are available, see the documentation above for adding in groups.
    17. Receive Weekly Email: Check this box if this faculty member would like to receive the weekly calendar email.
    18. Event Categories For Weekly Email: If the faculty member wants to see all the events on the weekly calendar email, choose All. If the faculty member only wants specific events, choose the Selected Categories and choose from the list.
  1. Finish: If you have your new faculty member set up the way you desire then click on the Finish button and you have successfully added a faculty member.
  2. Add Another Faculty Member: If you have your new faculty member set up the way you desire and have another one to add then click on the Add Another Faculty Member. This will the save the one you just entered and bring you back to the top of the Add Faculty page to start the next one.
  3. Reset: If you have done a bunch of changes and you don't like what you have set up you can click on Reset and this will clear everything back to the way you had it at the start.
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    Permanently deleted user

    I need to know how to update the info on our staff (updating photo, etc.)

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    Molly Parker

    Hi, Terry. I'm sorry, I just saw this question. Follow step 1 to get to the Faculty Database, then search for the member whose information you need to update. Click on their name to access their profile, make any changes you need and then save that new information.

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