Faculty Database: Overview

The faculty database is a database of all the staff members within your school/district or organization. This database is a powerful module that can be used for:

  1. Providing teachers/faculty/staff with the ability to build their own websites / web pages
  2. Creating faculty directories
  3. Creating faculty / staff profiles
  4. Creating groups within your faculty database for easy organization of directories and/or faculty websites
  5. Email faculty, or faculty groups, from within Site Manager (weekly calendar emails and a mass email tool both exist)

Understanding Faculty Database

The Faculty Database is a module that has two major components: the "Faculty Database" itself, and the "Faculty Pages", also referred to as profiles, teacher websites, and teacher web pages.

  • Faculty Database is where Admin Users of your website go to setup faculty members, create the various types of faculty profile/pages, and setup certain permissions and controls.
  • Faculty Pages allows your faculty members to login direct to their own account and create a profile, a single web page, or their own website unlimited pages. Faculty members login to a separate part of Site Manager, and do not have access to the rest of the main website. Faculty members do not have the same permissions as your website admin users.

Before your staff / teachers can begin creating their own websites, the Faculty Database needs to be setup by an Admin User. You can build faculty members individually or import the data in a mass group, or a combination of both. Refer to Add Faculty and Importing Faculty.

You can access your faculty database by hovering over the "People" tab and clicking "Faculty Database". 



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