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Social Stream Database

Understanding the Social Stream Database Module

Social Stream Database is a module that allows you to connect your website to certain social media feeds - and your social media posts to your website. Social Stream is two-ways: you can bring posts on to your web pages AND push content out automatically from your website as new posts!

As of Fall 2014, Social Stream is now available with both Facebook and Twitter! We are reviewing which additional social media sources we will add to the Social Stream.

Social Stream is available with our Premier and Enterprise Service Plans. For more information on our service plans, contact

The real power behind the social stream module lies in the ability to push content from Site Manager out to your posts. The current tools that can push out content are:

  • Content / Resource Tool
  • Blog tool (Integrated blog)
  • Calendar Admin (Add/Edit Events)
  • Announcements Database
  • And a single post feature right within the Social Stream Database

Social Stream Database also provides you with a very easy method for adding your social media posts to any inside page of your website. No widgets, no code - simply add the main body or the right side tool to your webpage and select which stream you want displayed. The tool will automatically semi-customize the display to match your site colors. That's it! Drop it on one page, many pages - customize which social media feed you want on what page. And you're done - the feed will start displaying immediately.

Step 1: Connecting Social Account to Site Manager

To start using Social Stream, you must first connect one or more social accounts to Site Manager.

  1. In Site Manager, if you do not see Social Stream under the drop down menu for Tool Databases, you may need to turn permissions on first. (Permissions are located under People/Administrators.)
  2. In the Tool Databases drop down menu, click on Social Stream.Screen_Shot_2014-06-17_at_11.27.18_PM.png
  3. In the Connect Social Accounts tab, click on Add Facebook Account or Add Twitter Account.
  4. If you are:
    1. currently logged in to your social account as an admin on the browser you're using for Site Manager, you may automatically be moved to a drop down menu displaying all available social accounts.
    2. not logged in, you'll be prompted to login to your social account. You will also have to give Site Manager permission to access your account information. This is standard requirements from the social accounts and not within the control of Site Manager.
  5. Choose the account you want to connect, and click Submit Query.
  6. Your Connect Social Accounts page will now show the social accounts you have connected to your Site Manager account. All of these accounts will be available for you to connect with using the page level tools.

Now you are ready to both pull in and push out posts and content using Social Stream!

See our Social Stream: Posting & Connecting Tools document for more information.

More Information About Social Stream

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