Calendar Admin: Weekly Email

  1. From the Navigation Tool Bar, under Tool Databases, click on the Calendar Admin link to open the Calendar administration tool.
  2. Under Select Options, choose "Weekly Email Settings".
  3. Customize Subject Line: You can enter text here to create your own subject line for the email. If you leave it blank, this will be the subject line: Your organization's name - Upcoming Events.
  4. Banner Graphic at the top of the weekly email: Choose which banner graphic to include at the top of the email. You can select "What the Default Is at the Time" if you want it to display the current default banner or you can select "Do Not Display a Banner Graphic" if you want it to be sent with no banner.
  5. Intro: Using the editor, you can add any text you would like to the email.
  6. Include category in weekly email: If checked, each event in the weekly email will have its respective category displayed in parentheses after the event title.
  7. Include event descriptions in weekly email: If checked, each event will have its respective description displayed.
  8. Day of week to send weekly email: Choose which day of the week you want to send the weekly email. It will be sent at 4:00am CST on that day.
  9. # of days worth of events to include: Choose how many days worth of events you want to include in the weekly email.
  10. Send a test email to: If this box is checked, an email will also be sent to whatever email you have listed. It will only send once.
  11. Check this box to turn off the Automated Weekly Email, regardless of which day of the week it is scheduled to run above: This will turn off the weekly email.
  12. Update: Click the Update button to save your selections.

Note: You can edit which categories are displayed in the weekly email under the individual Category properties. See "Update Categories" above.

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