Calendar Admin: Facilities

Facilities are another way of organizing what is happening in a specific place at a specific time. For example, you can use locations for your school, church, businesses or other organizations that you work with. Facilities can be a specific room or spot within that larger venue. For example, locations could include classrooms, gymnasium, fellowship hall, or athletic fields.

1. From the Navigation Tool Bar, under Tool Databases, click on the Calendar Admin link to open the Calendar administration tool.
2. Under Select Options, choose "Update Facilities".
3. Facility: Type in the name of the facility for the event.
4. Allow Double Booking: Choose if this facility can be assigned to two different events happening at the same time by choosing Yes. If it can not, choose No.
5. Add/Reset: Choose Add to add this facility to the list or Reset to clear out the information and begin again.
6.  Click the Name of the facility to update any part of it.
7. Click the trash can link to eliminate an facility item. By deleting a facility, all events that are attached to this facility will no longer
have a facility attached to it.

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