Calendar Admin: Getting Started & Categories

Calendar Admin is a robust database that starts with a system wide main calendar that is accessed from Site Manager and can be found under "Tool Databases."

Calendar Admin features:

  • Powerful calendaring system with event options that include recurrence, RSVP and more
  • Social Stream connection (requires Premier or Enterprise Service Plans)
  • Unlimited categories, providing the ability to create unlimited individual calendars on your website pages
  • Locations database to minimize repeat location address and direction information (optional)
  • Equipment management (optional)
  • Facility management and booking (optional)

Once you start building your master calendar in the Calendar Admin you can then add your events to webpages, including, but not limited to:

  • creating individual calendars for categories (examples: volunteer schedules, athletics, PTO/PTA, board members, Sunday school, music/arts, etc.)
  • creating an upcoming events section
  • sending weekly emails from the calendar
  • creating events where people can RSVP via your Web site
  • allowing your visitors to subscribe to any calendar via RSS feed
  • post events out to your Facebook page automatically*


Getting Started / Overview

The calendar admin database is used to add/update/delete events for your organization’s calendar. All events will be managed from this single master calendar. Individual calendars can be created by the use of categories.

The Calendar Admin also manages locations, equipment, facilities, and the automatic weekly email.

To add calendars to pages you will use the calendar tools, such as Calendar and Upcoming Events.

Getting Started:

  1. To start building your calendar, you must first create at least one Category. See below.
  2. You can then start building events, or alternatively you may wish to build locations. Note that the use of locations is optional per event. For some events, adding location data may not be necessary.
  3. Start adding your events!



Categories are somewhat like individual calendars inside your overall Calendar Admin. It is strongly recommended that you get these categories set up for your organization before you add events to your calendars, because when you add calendars to a page with a page level tool, you can select which categories you would like to include. For example, if a school has several categories such as Academics, Athletics, Theatre, Music, they can then put a calendar with only the events for one specific category, any combination of categories or all categories.  If they have only one "General category", all events will appear in each calendar tool.

  1. From the Navigation Tool Bar, under Tool Databases, click on the Calendar Admin link to open the Calendar administration tool.
  2. Under Select Options, choose "Update Categories".
  3. Click Add Category to add a new category to the list.
  • Category Name: Type in the desired name of the new category.
  • Color Block Indicator: You can choose to have the events in this category coded with a color. We do not recommend this, as it can clash with your webpage colors.
  • Custom: If you do not like the colors we have listed, you can choose your own. You can enter the hexidemical color code or click on the box for a color gradient to show up where you can click to select the exact color you want.
  • Description on Admin Side?: Choose yes to show the description when the event title is empty. Choose No, if you do not want to show the description when the event title is empty. Instead, it will just show the category name.
  • In Weekly Email?: Choose Yes, to include these events in the weekly events email. Choose No, if you do not want to include these events in the weekly events email.
  • Submit: Click Submit to save this category. Once you save it you will see it appear on your category list.


Next Steps:

To read more about the Calendar Tools: 

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