Calendar Admin: Equipment

For each event in your calendar, you have the ability to optionally attach equipment needed for the event.  Once you have the equipment entered, it will save it in the list of equipment to use for any events.

  1. From the Calendar Select Options Menu, click on Update Equipment.
  2. To add a new piece of equipment, choose "New Equipment".
  3. Equipment: Type in the name of the equipment.
  4. Allow Double Booking: Choose if this piece of equipment can be chosen for more than one event at the same time by choosing Yes. If it cannot, choose No.
  5. Add/Reset: Choose Add to add this equipment to the list or Reset to clear out the information and begin again.
  6. Click the Name of the equipment to update any part of the equipment.
  7. Click the trash can link to eliminate an equipment item. By deleting this equipment, all events that are attached to this equipment will no longer have equipment attached to it.
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