Calendar Admin: Locations

  1. From the Calendar Select Options Menu, click on Update Locations. For each event in your calendar, you have the ability to optionally attach a location for the event. By entering a location one time, all attached events will have a link for driving directions to this location.
  2. Click Add Location to add a new location to the list.
  3. Location: Type in the name of the Location.
  4. Allow Double Booking: If you can have more than 1 event at this location at the same time, choose Yes. If not, choose No.
  5. Address: Enter in the street address of the location.
  6. City: Enter in the city.
  7. State/Country: Choose the State for US or Candada.
  8. For Other Countries: If the location is not in the US or Canada, please enter:
  • State: Enter the State name.
  • Country: Enter the Country name.
  1. Zip: Enter in the zip code.
  2. Add: Click add to save this location to your locations list.
  3. Reset: Click reset to clear the information and start over.
  4. Click the Name of the location to update link to update any part of a location.
  5. Click the trash can link to eliminate a location. By deleting this location, all events that are attached to this location will no longer have a location attached to it.
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