File Uploads: Overview

Site Manager's File Uploads tool utilizes CKFinder, a powerful, yet easy to use, web based file manager. The File Uploads tool is fully integrated with the entire interface, and works seamlessly with all content tools that use an editor (content editor, form creator, resource / content list, column display and many more!).

File Uploads manages all standard file types that are accepted for web use. The most common uses would be to store images and documents. This support section will focus on the most commonly used tasks and functions; we encourage you to check out the CKFinder User Guide for additional help.

Let's start with an overview of the sections and menus in File Uploads:


  1. Folders Pane. By default, a "Files" and "Images" folder will be in your File Uploads. You can create unlimited sub-folders for your own organization.
  2. Toolbar. This is where you can quickly do actions and set preferences. Note that this has a link to an additional help manual!
  3. Files Pane. This shows thumbnails of the files (images and documents) that you have in the selected Folder.

The File Uploads tool is a web browser tool, and it will function slightly differently with each browser. A modern, updated browser is required to use File Uploads.

Uploading Files

Method 1 - Upload From Toolbar Button

In the Toolbar, click Upload. A file upload window will open in your browser. Select the image(s) and click "Open". (Remember that you can use your shift key to select multiple files in a row, or hold your ctrl key to select multiple individual files.) You'll see the files uploading.


Method 2 - Drag & Drop

You can also simply drag and drop files into File Uploads. First, be sure that you have the folder open you wish to add files in to. Then, from your computer file source, drag and drop the files over to the Files Pane. You'll see the above upload and your files will be added to the folder you have open.

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    Rex Hagood

    None of this explains why I can't upload a html file.  

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