Media Library (VOD): Overview

The Media Library tool is a database tool, like the calendar and file uploads tools. This means you enter content (in this case videos) into a central database, and then you display that content on various pages in various forms using page level tools.

The Media Library allows you to store all of your videos with Site Manager, giving you full control of how they are displayed. Videos can be organized into channels and series, and further sorted with categories. There are two different tools for displaying the videos, either a single video player to display just one video at a time or a library player for when you want your users to be able to select from multiple videos. 

Important Note: The Media Library is only available in our Premier and Enterprise Service Plans. If you are unsure which service plan you have, contact support.

If you are on the Premier or Enterprise service plan and ready to get started with the Media Library, please see these articles:


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